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Had enough of the rat race? Have you been searching for the path to a better you... Our Easy Affiliate Program may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Our plan is effective... uncomplicated. 


You'll get $5 off your first purchase with coupon, you can work from anywhere, and best of all, there is no inventory to stock, or ship... We take care of all the messy details for you! 

Really all that matters to us is that you love our products... and we know you will! No experience necessary... your customers simply order online & we take care of the rest for you!

When you sign on as an Affiliate you get everything you need to start right away!


  • Your own personal website with a back office to track your sales
  • Weekly and monthly commission payouts
  • Commission paid to your preference of ACH deposit or pre-paid Visa card
  • Access to cutting edge products
  • Time tested formulas you already know and love
  • Support from our dedicated team of professionals
  • Advance notice on coupon sales and multi-pack discounts
  • Limitless potential to earn - based on the schedule YOU choose
  • NO upfront fees to join - NO purchase necessary to start your business
  • Get $5 off your first purchase! Add coupon code INTRO5OFF at checkout


Our plan is so simple, yet it has the earning potential you’ve been looking for in an Affiliate program. We offer unlimited width on Level One, PLUS all sales pay 25% of CV value and many CVs are valued at 100% of product retail! Best of all, there is no fee to join. 


We also offer a second unlimited width level for added earnings with a 10% payout. Having only two levels means ALL our Affiliates have a real opportunity to earn... no one ends up 5 or 6 levels down... and that means everyone has the potential to make money... not just those at the very top.

We like to call it the “Equal Opportunity Plan” because no one gets left behind. There is no commitment to stay and no obligation to join... the path you choose is your own. At AFH Club you really can Experience Life Your Way!


 Level One: Pays 25% commission with a 6 month grace period to stay active and accumulate CV *


 Level Two: Pays 10% commission with a 6 month grace period to stay active and accumulate CV *


Attractive and achievable bonuses including weekly bonus, monthly generational bonus and achievement bonus... 3 different ways to earn in addition to regular weekly commissions!






Always free shipping on Auto Ship. Customers can receive up to 20% Loyalty Rewards to be automatically applied to all future auto ship orders, and 5% cash back on their referred customers orders.


Shipping fee of $4.99 on orders up to $74.99 - Always free on orders of $75 plus! International rates may vary.


All that’s left to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor. With the extra money in your bank account the sky is the limit! 

 So… grab your loved one! Your mama, papa, sister, brother, neighbor... Grab your kids... your friends, a coworker, or anyone you want to share your “Experience" with - and don’t walk... RUN to AFH Club today! 

They'll be so glad you did...

*Affiliate accounts that have not generated at least $300 in sales from either their retail customers, or their own personal sales for a period of 6 months (180 days), will be targeted for migration to Cash Club Member. 

the path to a better you!

Our life changing products are the path • Our new comp plan makes it into a super highway!

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